HEAD QUARTERS-Montreal, Quebec, Canada

The head quarter for the International Combat Systema Association, boasting daily classes, private instruction and monthly seminars taught by director Kevin Secours. For more information, click here.



Melbourne Systema

Under the direction of instructor Adam Vounoridis. Generation 2, Level 3 Instructor.


Combat Systema Sydney:

The Sydney head quarters for Combat Systema under the direction of Instructor Peter Aftanas is dedicated to practical, real-world application and world class training standards and quality. Peter is a 1st Generation instructor.



Mississauga-Toronto Combat Systema

Under the direction of dedicated Apprentice Instructor Orhan Ismailovski, 2nd generation apprentice.


Montreal Systema Academy
The Head Quarters for The International Combat Systema Association, under the direction of founder Kevin Secours, B.Ed.

Combat Systema West Island
Under Senior Instructor Danny Kovac.

Combat Systema Rive-Sud
Under the direction of instructor Sebastien Lebeau.

Combat Systema Québec
Under the direction of instructor Nicolas Boissonneault.

Combat Systema Rouyn-Noranda
Under the direction of instructor Sébastien Girard.

Chicoutimi Combat Systema
Under the direction of instructor Jimmy Francoeur.

Terrebonne, Québec
Under the direction of Instructor Mathieu Renaud.

Gian-Paul Simpson Combat Systema
Available for corporate and private contracts and lessons.


Whistler Combat Systema:

Under the direction of Integrated Fighting Systems veteran, Combat Systema Full Instructor and Modern Kempo Jujitsu black belt Mike Roberts.


Under the direction of Combat Systema Apprentice Instructor Adrian Tan.




Under the direction of law enforcement officer and martial arts expert Mike Malpass.


San Diego

Under instructors David Snyder and Dawn Liu.

San Francisco
Under the direction of Instructor Neil Bednar, dedicated to the pursuit of knowledge and development in martial arts and training.


Orlando Combat Systema

Under the direction of Gregory Cooper, this is our first branch in Floria. Gregory is a seasoned martial artist with a pragmatic approach to combat training.


Kyoseido Academy Self Defense and Fitness

Under the direction of Gary Schreiner, founder of the F.I.R.E. Self Defense, Impauer for Women and Kyoseido Ninja Kids programs.



Under the direction of Paul Hollingsworth, this location is our first branch in Kentucky and boasts an open-minded and progressive training approach.


Montana Combat Systema

Under the direction of martial arts veteran Greg McGillen, this school is dedicated to a scientific study of the resolution of violence and is heavily invested in various youth programs.


Laconia, New Hampshire:

Under the direction of Senior Combat Systema instructor Sensei Sali Azem, the director of Combat Systema training for New England, our Laconia branch is our New England training headquarters with Paul Cohen as Assistant Instructor


Neptune, New Jersey:

Under the direction of Combat Systema instructor Greg Mihovich, Underground Gym founder and head coach.

Ocean Township, New Jersey:
Under the direction of Russian martial arts expert David Rusin.


REAL Martial Arts, Santa Fe

This training group is under the responsibility of Raven Hicks, Director of REAL Martial Arts.


Sage Martial Arts

Under the direction of Thorin Blanco, this academy is located in Albermarlle County, providing instruction in numerous martial approaches. 

West North Carolina

Founded in 2012, Mountain Forge has offered exceptional quality self defense, austere medical, and survival skills training and is proud to be affiliated with the International Combat Systema Association. Charles Aurelia is the head instructor with 35 years of diverse instruction experience.

Mountain Forge
Glenville, NC 


Austin, Texas
Under head instructor Herb Martin, this club boasts a unique approach to hyper-accelerated learning and pressure testing.

Carrollton, Texas
American Kenpo expert Jim Dryburgh offers a powerful integrated approach to combat Systema accessible to the entire family.

Texarkana, Texas
Psychiatric physician and Budo Taijitsu 2nd dan Robert Strayhan, offers a unique insight into the resolution of the problem of violence.


Burlington, Vermont
The Burlington location is committed to providing a treatment of Combat Systema based on practicality and real-life application, with careful treatment of the psychological nuances of early detection, avoidance and de-escalation and powerful personal protection tactics.

Underhill Center, Vermont
Martial Arts veteran Kevin Perline integrates a wealth of professional and martial experience in a unique approach to Combat Systema.


Virginia Combat Systema
Under the direction of Louie Earle, Virginia's exclusive Combat Systema training group boasts an open atmoshpere, a dedication to improving the student, and a commitment to practical self-defense solutions.


Combat Systema Germany

Located in Leipzig, until the direction of Full Instructor, Elisa Cencetti

Combat Systema Duisburg
This training group is under the responsibility of Apprentice Instructor, Volker Heckt.


Combat Systema Norway
Under the direction of Ola Skodvin and Aksel Johansen, the co-directors of Combat Systema Training for Scandinavia, this school is driven by a passionate and scientific search for personal excellence and combat efficiency in a safe, intelligent and welcoming training atmosphere.

Asker, Norway
Under head instructor Ainar Miyata, this club benefits from Ainar's multi-discipline experience in the arts as well as his formal training in physiotherapy and body work, providing Ainar with a unique insight into human capabilities and performance enhancement.

Under head instructor Stefan Petersson, this is our first school in Sweden. Stefan benefits from an extensive background in various martial disciplines and provides an open-minded and functional interpreation of combat for all practitoners.


Combat Systema Portugal

Under the direction of João N. Nascimento, our Portugal branch boasts an eclectic fusion of world class combat and fitness strategies and perspectives.


Under the direction of Instructor Ignacio Munoz


Combat Systema Hermosillo
Under the direction of Aldo D. Flores, the director of Combat Systema Mexico, the Hermosillo branch is committed to an exploration and integration of martial approaches, blending Aikido, BJJ and American Kenpo experiences into a functional combative system. 


Stoke Combat Systema

Under the direction of Ben Lee.


Combat Systema advocates a scientific, research-based approach to combat training. We are principle-based, but not at the exclusion of technique.

Below are the levels of instructorship in Combat Systema required to be recognized as an affiliate of the International Combat Systema Association:

Below are the levels of instructorship in Combat Systema required to be recognized as an affiliate of the International Combat Systema Association:

First Generation Instructors: Prior to 2014, instructors were certified according to a less specific and detailed curriculum. Ranks included only Instructor (those authorized to teach) and Senior Instructor (those who were more experienced within the style). As the association quickly grew, it became apparent that great specificity was required to ensure consistency and quality throughout affiliates.

Second Generation Instructors:  Post 2014, instructors were certified according the current 6-tier techincal curriculum. The objective of the current curriculum is to ensure deeper and more balanced knowledge of the various domains of training, including wellness, self defense and combat psychology. Second generation instructors respect the following ranks:

In order for an affiliate to be recognized as an official training group, an affiliate must hold a basic level 1 certification and an "Instructor-in-Training" rank. This gives them

To be recognized as an instructor, a practitioner must hold a level 3 certification and an Instructor's rank.

Full Instructor
To be recognized as a Full Instructor, a practitioner must hold a level 6 certification and have completed an additional "Instructor's Certification" covering advanced educational theory (Level 7-Training and Teaching Methodology").

Instructors are required to maintain rank by actively teaching and resubmitting summaries of their status, exploration and growth of the style.  Full Instructor is the highest rank achievable in the current curriculum.

Because we promote individual evolution and integration of other styles in each of our affiliates, please note that Kevin Secours cannot guarantee the quality or content of any instructor and that interpretations will vary from school to school.  1st Generation instructors, certified prior to 2014, were done so following less rigid criteria. In 2014, 7 specific ranking levels were added to improve the consistency and quality of the instructors. Therefore, Generation 2 instructors were certified according to more specific and recent requirements.