Jim Dryburgh was born and raised in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.  A family move took him to Dallas, TX, in 1979, and after finishing high school, he joined the army.  An infantry NCO and paratrooper, he served in the 509th Pathfinders and 27 Pathfinders before leaving the army 6 years later.   

After 7 years in California, Jim moved to Dallas in 1992, where he began his study of American Kenpo Karate under Sifu Rick Fowler. He’d been attracted to the martial arts in the past, but had been in and out quickly, unable to find the right instructor.  Rick Fowler got his attention, and 18 years later, Jim has a 4th Degree Black Belt in American Kenpo and is working towards 5th degree black belt.  His long term goal has been to earn his 5th Degree Black Belt before his 50th birthday.

 Sifu Dryburgh apprenticed under Sifu Fowler after earning his black belt in 2000. After two years, he opened PowerKenpo. It’s a family friendly school with a huge program for kids, but the adult program has exploded since Systema was introduced 4 years ago. Currently, they train heavily in Kenpo Karate and Kali Escrima, with applied Systema principles.