• Nicholas Ebsworth
  • Jean Francois Campeau
  • David Assor
  • Jordan Bill
  • Gabriel Lemay
  • Alexandrina Delage
  • Giordano Watkins
  • Hicham Kachouh
  • Sebastien Lebeau
  • ​Ian Guimaraes

"Japanese Jujitsu is the art that saved my life. I was blessed to be introduced to the art through the Akai Ryu or the "Red Dragon" lineage, under the phenomenal Roger Onata Sensei. This was the art I tested every night as a bouncer and  it has grown with me for 30 years. I have trained in numerous other approaches to jujitsu over the years, earning my 8th Dan and rank of Kyoshi under the legendary Sali Azem, which is among the greatest honors of my life. "

"While I am dedicated to constantly evolving Jujitsu to meet the needs of today's world, I remain a traditional teacher to the extent that I am quite strict in my transmission of this knowledge. The style i teach is a large system with a lot of information. In 30 years of teaching, I have only certified a handful of students to the rank of black belt. Each of them is a true and honest vessel, reflecting their unique interpretation of this proud warrior tradition. They are the only students authorized to teach my approach to jujitsu. They are in chronology from first to last:"