João E. Nascimento began his martial arts training at age 16, in high school in South Africa, studying Wing Tsun Kung Fu and Bukinkan Ninpo Taijutsu. Since move to Portugal in 1993 he has taught small, closed door classes, in various locations. Since 2000 he has been cross-training in JKD (original concepts) and Filipino and Indonesian martial arts. He is currently affiliated with Mark Hatmaker Combat Sports Training (Apprentice Coach-2007) and Hock Hoccheim's Scientific Fighting Congress (Classroom Organizer--Counter Knife Combatives). He is an EHFA Level 3-equivalent Fitness Instructor, voracious reader of nonfiction, and student of Cognitive Psychology (Open University--UK).

His school, SELF PRESERVATION NOW! is dedicated to providing training in all aspects of self preservation, presenting the essence of the martial arts in ways that are traditional in spirit but contemporary in application. To this extent SPN! provides training (short and long-term) in fitness/health; combatives, physical and artistic literacy, rational thinking and skepticism and, martial culture.

João can be reached at: info@spnliving.net, 00351966867, or through his website is www.spnliving.net.