The International Combat Systema Association


Director Ainar Miyata, is committed to the exploration of diverse martial traditions. He draws from experience in Tani-ha Shito-ryu Karate-do since 2003, wherein he holds the rank of shodan. He has additionally completed the Norwegian Martial Arts Federation's "Instructor 1" course and has been an assistant instructor in the Asker Karate Club since 2005 and an instructor since 2007, where he works mainly with children. In additon, he has 2 years of experience in Kodokan Judo, in which he actively competed. 

Under the direct tutelage of Scandinavian directors Ola Skodvin and Aksel Johansen, he has trained directly with numerous renown Systema instructors, including Kevin Secours, Alex Kostic and Emmanual Manolakakis. He has completed 4 semesters in physiotherapy, which has enhanced his Combat Systema understanding through an intimate knowledge of anatomy, physiology, biomechancis and pain management. He is experienced in the system of exercises native to the Mensendieck school of physiotherapy, as well as basic medical and Scandinavian Mensendieck massage techniques among others. 

For more information please contact Ainar at: 

or at (+47) 900 53 973.