Under the direction of instructor Renick Darnell-Martin, the Burlington location is committed to providing a treatment of Combat Systema based on practicality and real-life application, with careful treatment of the psychological nuances of early detection, avoidance and de-escalation and powerful personal protection tactics.

Renick was born in East Lansing, Michigan and grew up in the New England area. By the age of 13 he began travelling extensively across North America and Europe competing at an international level in tennis.

He began his martial arts training with Karate at the age of 14. In 2002, he began training under Kevin Secours in Modern Kempo Jujitsu in which he holds a purple belt, as well as in defensive tactics and Russian Systema. He has trained with numerous other notable Russian masters including Vladimir Vasiliev. Renick has 4 years of experience bouncing in bars and night clubs in Montreal and Miami. He is currently pursuing a Bachelors at the University of Vermont in Business with a minor in Psychology. His intent is to pursue a career in Federal Law Enforcement. For more information, please contact Renick at Welcome aboard Renick. We are honored to have you on our team and we look forward to your insights and experiences benefitting us all.