The International Combat Systema Association


Hummelstown, Pensylvania    January 9-10, 2016

Topics include dirty boxing, stand-up grappling, knife defense and ground fighting. For more information contact

London, England   April 2-3, 2016
To register, or for more information on the topics of this seminar, please visit our host Jane Kotchkina's website or contact Jane directly at

Brussels, Belgium - April 4-7 2016

 *This event is fully Booked

Singapore, May  14-15, 2016
This will be Kevin's first seminar in Asia! For more information, visit Combat Systema Singapore's page at or contact Reza directly at

ICSA Summer Camp 2016, Montreal, Canada,

Thursday June 2 to Sunday June 5th
This will be an epic camp--our topics are real life combatives: Empty hand work in close quarters, Russian stick and sword fighting outside in the park and empty hand work and movement on uneven terrain in the woods, Restraint tactics and scalable force and Multiple attackers. We are super psyched by this year's topics and look forward to seeing you there! For more detailed information on each day, click here! 

Laconia, New Hampshire, July 23-24, 2016
Returning to the ICSA New England HQ, this seminar will focus on defense against holds on day 1, and defense against Karate style kicking on day 2. For more information, download the flyer here, or contact organizer Sali Azem at .

Maryland, September 10th-11th, 2016

 Tentative topics are multiple attackers and improvised weapons. For more information, please contact

Dave Hummel at

Melbourne, Australia, October 22-23, 2016

This seminar will be dedicated to stress inoculation in close quarter striking, ground fighting, multiple attackers and in weapon defense. For more information, please contact Adam at

Quebec City, Quebec, Nov 6, 2016

"Survivre à une prise d'otages"

This seminar, given in French, will be about surviving hostage situations. 

November 6th, 2016 -- 1 to 5pm, CEGEP Sainte-Foy, salle J-038

For more information, please send an email to our host at


Thursday November 17 to Sunday November 20, 2016

Limited to just 8 participants. Click HERE for more info.

Rosenheim, Germany  Feb 11-12, 2017

​This will be Kevin's first seminar in Rosenheim. Come and experience Combat Systema's unique treatment of Ground Fighting. Kevin is an internationally renown security professional who has dedicated three decades to the study of ground fighting with extensive real world experience. No previous experience is required. You will learn information that could save your life. Outnumbered, against armed attackers, learn how to recover and thrive in the worst situations. Experienced grapplers will learn how to optimize their skill set through Systema's comprehensive approach to biomechanics and ground flow and discover how to use their sport delivery mechanisms on the street. With acts of  ​violence on the rise in our society, learning how to survive the ground is an essential life skill that can no longer be denied.

​For more information, please contact LUCIE SZYMCZAK

Tuesday June 27-Friday June 30, 2017

This next intallment of our Summer Camp will be epic! The topic this year is a culmination of the first 7 years of Combat Systema's existence. "Functionalizing Systema" is all about reviewing the main combat and teaching principles provided in Systema around the world, showing what works, debunking what doesn't and explaining why . This Summer Camp will inform and deepen the understanding of both newcomers and senior practitioners alike. For more details as to the topics for each of the camp's days, click HERE!