The International Combat Systema Association


Summary of Requirements

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Online Certification Program

This program is for those who wish to become Certified Instructors in Combat Systema (or simply wish to complement their practice) via long distance training.

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Please Note:  this new online program is in construction--we are working diligently on uploading new pieces as quickly as possible.


Want more information about our Training

& Instructor Certification Program?


This training resource has been recently created to give practitioners a one stop shop for instructor certification, practitioner training and specialty training material and training based on practitioner requests and questions. This is the perfect source for all training needs for both practitioners and instructors who wish to perfect their skills and find inspiration in continuously teaching material.

This new site offers a variety of exclusive training material such as: 

  • Exclusive specialty training topics
  • International seminars
  • Training camps
  • Combat Systema Certification/Training
  • Modern Kempo Jujitsu Ranking/Training  (in future plans) 
  • Archived series--first DVDs published by Kevin Secours

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Paladin Press Library

You will find here the latest series of DVD sets and book published by Paladin Press and Kevin Secours.

Combat Systema topics include:

  • Volume 1 - Hand to Hand Combat
  • Volume 2 - Armed Combat
  • Volume 3 - Ground Combat
  • Volume 4 - Impact Striking
  • Volume 5 - Improvised Weapons (the most recent DVD set released)
  • Volume 6 - Multiple Attackers (to be released by the end of 2016)
  • Volume 7 - Restraint Tactics (to be released by the end of 2016)
  • ​The Complete Book of Combat Systema

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Youtube Channel

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Kevin Secours' Blog

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