The International Combat Systema Association

Combat Systema is dedicated to the  scientific resolution of violence: 

  • We give students an understanding of essential biomechanics so they can achieve the highest level of efficiency in their own movement and maximize their strengths and strengthen injuries and weaknesses

  • We will provide you with the principles of structure and motion you need to control any attacker

  • We dissect aggression down to its psychological essence. You will learn the warning signs to help you detect danger before it can erupt, how to strategically avoid it whenever possible and how to maximize your survival odds if it can't be avoided.

  • We are a complete combat system. You will learn how to strike and kick, escape from any hold, ground fighting, throws and takedowns, locks, defense against knife, gun, stick and strangulation with rope and much more.

  • You will learn how to effectively use a stick, knife and gun and how to turn everyday items into weapons and how to use your environment to your advantage.

  • You will increase your physical stamina, rehabilitate injuries, and bolster your psychological resolve.

  • We are a real world defensive system and not a sport. We will teach you how to protect yourselves and your loved ones. Our logo represents the fires of pressure testing--the forge in which we constantly hammer out our fears, improve our physical and psychological being and refine our skills. Our approach is being used by law enforcement, security professionals and military practitioners around the world. Come and see why.

About Us