Director Greg Mihovich has been an active martial arts practitioner for over 19 years and has been teaching professionally for over 7 years. Greg has extensively studied Muay Thai kickboxing (Thaiboxing), San Da, Boxing, Japanese and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Catch, Grappling, Judo, Sambo, Kali, Krav Maga, Firearms, ROSS, Kotel and Systema. To this day Greg maintains a two times a day, six days a week dedicated martial arts and fitness personal training regimen on top of teaching others full time.

Greg’s combat sport accomplishments include 15 full contact Muay Thai, Boxing, San Da and Low Kick Kickboxing fights in the ring with a 10-5 record (5 knockouts), 1st place at North American Grappling Championship, 1st place at Battle at the Beach Grappling tournament, 2nd place at NAGA Worlds Grappling Tournament, 2nd place at East Coast Judo Championship and a multitude of top three finishes in other grappling events.

Greg has been a dedicated student to some of the best martial artists in the world, including Dmitry Piasetsky (3-time World Professional Muay Thai Champion), Boris Byzak (European Judo Championand USSR Judo and Sambo Champion), John Durkin (trainer of World boxing champions), Renzo Gracie (World renown MMA fighter and BJJ competitor), Andy Rodgiro (multiple National and Pan Ams Judo Champion), Vladimir Vasiliev (10 year Russian Spetsnaz veteran and the Head of North American Systema Federation), Martin Wheeler (special forces hand to hand trainer), Kevin Secours (Combat Systema founder and Personal Protection Specialist) and many other notable martial arts teachers.

Greg’s martial arts students include MMA Champions, Muay Thai Champions, Police officers, undercover FDA operatives, private detectives, Homeland Security operators, SWAT personnel, and everyday private citizens, including women and children.

Greg is also a top strength and conditioning expert, teaches his own system of physical training named Compound Conditioning, he has taught dozens of conditioning seminars and workshops around the world and he has been the author of five bestselling conditioning DVD series and a book on Joint Mobility, Grip Training, Kettlebell Lifting and Bodyweight Conditioning.

At present Greg owns and runs the Underground Gym in Neptune City, NJ where he teaches an assortment of sport martial art, hand to hand combat and fitness regimens. He also runs and teaches biannually Underground Kettlebell and Bodyweight Certification Course, among other seminars and workshops on fitness and martial arts.

Greg can be contacted via his website http://www.undergroundgym.com or reached via email: GregMihovich@UndergroundGym.com