The Whistler branch is under the direction of Integrated Fighting Systems veteran Mike Roberts. Mike has been training under Kevin Secours for over 17 years now. A Full Instructor in Combat Systema, Mike also holds a black belt in Modern Kempo Jujitsu, as well as extensive experience in defensive tactics and internal martial disciplines. In addition to his experience with Kevin, he has also trained with Mikhail Ryabko and Vladimir Vasiliev. Mike is a 20 year student of music and full time musician who currently works as a recording artist. A passionate outdoorsman, Mike can be found either snow boarding in the winter or surfing in the summers.

Privates are available, all ages welcome. Training takes place at the new Awesome Arts Academy in Whistler, BC.

For more information, please visit Mike's website at www.awesomeartsacademy.com.

Mike can also be reached by:

Telephone: (604) 902-4877
Email:  mikefrommontreal@yahoo.co
Facebook:  facebook.com/mike.frommontreal