The International Combat Systema Association


June 2-5, 2016

*Limited to 20 Participants!  Come and experience the ICSA's world famous Summer Camp in beautiful Montreal. You will experience unmatched instruction, clarity and innovation, challenge your limits and grow your existing skill set while enjoying one of the most beautiful cities in the world in the peak of festival season. No previous experience is necessary.

Day 1-CQB H2H:

The camp will begin with a treatment of empty handed work in

close quarters. Emphasis will be placed on adhesion and

controlling contact, close quarter striking, joint destruction,

escaping holds and continuous movement.

Day 2-Natural Movement

On day 2, transportation will be provided from the Hotel Europa

(one block from the school) to Mount Royal. Training will begin

with 3 foot sticks, emulating traditional Russian stick and sword

work, exploring mobility and breath work. From there, students

will move into stick fighting, as a method of hyper-accelerating

their reflexes and their understanding of entering, trapping, and

striking. Next, students will move into empty-handed movement

and head into the forest to explore movement through the trees,

rolling on uneven terrain, working in natural settings, and using

natural items as improvised weapons.

Day 3-Total Restraint

In an increasingly litigious world, a single level of force for every

encounter is no longer a wise defensive plan. Day 3 will focus on

responsible power and maintaining scalable force options. We

will cover the essentials of physical intervention, including a vital

flow set of takedowns, restraint locks and chokes, including how

to commandeer civilian back-up, how to maximize your legal

defense, the use of short work for controlling the appearance of aggression, the audience effect, when to retreat and much more.

Day 4-Multiple Attackers

The camp will conclude with a pragmatic real world treatment of multiple attackers. We will begin with detection, proxemics and body language, positioning, gesture, verbal de-escalation and evasion in group encounters. We will move next into pre-emptive attacks, cracking and controling the mob, body shielding and steering, intensifying responses and tactical retreats.

Bonus Training: Additional evening sessions will be available at no additional costs for students who wish to be evaluated for Combat Systema Ranking.

For more information, please contact Kevin directly at

Cancellation Policy: Cancellations received prior to Feb 1st, 2016 will be refunded in full minus a $40 processing fee. For all cancellations made thereafter, refunds cannot be guaranteed. Every effort will be made to find a replacement.


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