Orhan Ismailovski  first encountered  Russian Martial Arts and began his training  journey in 2008 under Vladimir Vasiliev at systema Headquarters in Toronto Canada.
During the years Orhan has had the Opportunity to experience Russian Systema under such notable Instructors as Mikhail Ryabko, Konstantin Komorov, Max Franz. Valentin Talanov, And Sonny Puzikas.

Orhan first encountered Combat Systema in 2011 and attended his first camp under world renown Combat Systema Instructor director and founder of the ICSA at the headquarters Academy in Montreal Quebec Kevin Secours.

Orhan found his calling when he began training in systema.
It has become a way of life for him. Orhan has observed many different interpretations of systema over the years from various Instructors, students and the many training partners that he had the pleasure of training with, and came to the realization that Balance,Integration and Preasure Testing is key. While training in slow speed has benefits. Training in real speed or Combat speed tells the truth.
With this being said, Orhan"s interpretation strongly supports the integration of real speed training along with slow training and pressure test this training when and where ever possible, whether it's indoors, outdoors confined spaces or in a vehicle. Keeping it Real and training with intention
Not only defines Knowing yourself. But also knowing your Adversary.

For more information or to become part of the training group, please email Orhan at :  altaic@Rogers.com