The International Combat Systema Association

*Limited to 8 participants!

Inspired by the success of our 2015 Spring Continuum Camps, this special training opportunity once

again seeks to address training topics and dynamics that require smaller groups for maximum attention and feedback from the instructor. Come and experience an unmatched semi-private training event

with unprecedented topics.

Participation fees for the camp are $600 cdn for all four days. Room and board are not included.

Participation is strictly limited to 8 participants. No exceptions. My hope is to use this event to

enrich the Combat Systema community worldwide therefore priority will be given to ICSA instructors

and students. To find out more about availability and how to register, please contact Kevin Secours directly at

Cancellation Policy: Cancellations received prior to August 31, 2016 will be refunded in full minus a $40 processing fee. Cancellations made thereafter are not guaranteed refunds. Every effort will be made to find a suitable replacement on short notice.


The Warrior Mindset

17-20 November, 2016


On the final day, we put ourselves in the worst possible situations. The day will be filled with an

exploration of how to work with our hands and feet tied, cuffed, taped, while blindfolded, in

low light, with minimal or no breath, and other tricks to distort our perceptions and shatter our

​framework of familiarity so that we can more fully tap into our true capacity to adapt.

Topics will include:

-Surviving captivity and escaping hostage situations.


No matter how skilled you become, no matter how well prepared you are, everyone can be taken

down. When odds are bleak, we are even more tempted to panic and respond with desperation

but the simple truth is that inefficiency is never efficient. A compass continues to point to the

right direction regardless of how disorienting the storm can be. Day 2 will be about inoculating

students to the stress and despair of being overwhelmed, disoriented by throws and takedowns,

crushingly pinned, and  beaten down by superior numbers.

Topics will include:

-the ominous challenge of grappling multiple attackers

-shock absorption, taking hits and strike recovery

​-being manhandled by cloth grips and chokes

​-surviving stomp downs by multiple attackers

Next, we get tribal. On day three we explore weapons in the most ancient manner possible--dueling. Students will explore stick and blade fencing. Don't worry, things will be kept safe--safety gear, padded

and flexible weapons--we are not looking to flirt with injuries here--we are looking to hyper-accelerate

our understanding of timing and distance in a world that travel two to three times faster than fists and

that carries more deadly promise.

Topics will include:

-controlling distance


​-identifying attack cues and moving pre-emptively

​-creating patterns of continuous movement to remain pre-loaded and the hardest target possible

​-high probability attacks and defenses

​-adapting the understanding to empty handed defense


We hit the ground running and engage our rage in this barbarian boot camp of gorilla striking. Students will learn how to safely cultivate feral intensity, through proven operant conditioning and reflex training drills. Topics will include:

-The safest striking tools for enduring maximum power

-Visualization and goal setting for boosting intensity

-Breathing patterns and retraining for sustaining determination

-Functionalizing fear and overcoming inhibition

-Value inventories, legal implications, and operating responsibly

-How to coach increased assertiveness and aggression in others and cultivate safe training partners without sacrificing pressure and intensity.​

Engage With Rage