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Director Kyoshi Patrick Donahue started his formal training in the martial arts in 1976 at the age of six years old in American Kenpo, at a Dojo in Taunton, Massachusetts. In 1982, Kyoshi Donahue moved to Nashua, New Hampshire with his family and continued his training in Chinese Kempo. After graduating from high school, Kyoshi Donahue continued his martial arts studies with a more serious approach. Seraching for a true traditional Sensei, he finally met a Master Instructor, Sensei Sali Azem, and began training with him in 1988. In 1990, Sensei Azem offered Donahue an opportunity in what is considered the most serious type of training possible, ushi dashi (special apprentice or live-in apprentice). Donahue continued this method of practice till 1995 and still continues to study with Sensei Azem to this day as a humble student.


Through Azem Sensei, Kyoshi Donahue met and trained with many Budo instructors, including Hanshi Richard Bernard (Goju-ryu Karate), Shihan Dennis Palumbo (Hakkoryu Jujutsu), Sensei David Poulicakos (Okinawan Kobudo), and Master Instructor Sensei Teruo Chinen (Goju-ryu Karate-do).

On Kyoshi Donahue's nineteenth birthday, he received a gift certificate from his father to train with Soke Mike Pabst. Kyoshi Donahue began studying with Soke Pabst in 1989 and continues his studies with Soke Pabst to this day as one of his direct students. Through Pabst Soke, Kyoshi Donahue met and trained with some fo the highest ranked and skilled Aikido and Aiki Ju Jutsu instructors in the world, including Soke Thomas Burdine (Aikido), Master instructor Seiki Tanaka (Tomiki Aikido) and the late Master Masatake Sekkiya (Aikido).

Kyoshi Donahue's School of Budo is an independent dojo, continuing to grow with the humble guidance of Kyoshi Donahue's main teachers Sensei Sali Azem and Soke Mike Pabst. It benefits from his vast training experiences from around the world, including throughout the United States, Canada, Europe, Australia, Okinawa and Mainland Japan. He continues his personal training and research with some of the most respected Sensei in the world today.

This list is a very small fraction of some of the teachers that Kyoshi Donahue has trained with either extensively, or in repeated seminars:

    -Soke Mike Pabst (Aiki Budo)
    -Sensei Sali Azem (Shorin-ryu and Aikijujutsu)
    -Master Teruo Chinen (Goju-ryu)
    -Hanshi Richard Bernard (Goju-ryu)
    -Shihan Dennis Palumbo (Hakkoryu Jujutsu)
    -Soke Thomas Burdine (Aikijujutsu, Aikido)
    -Sensei David Poulicakos (Okinawan Kobudo, Kobu-jutsu, Karate-Do)
    -Soke John Rubiano (Jujutsu)
    -Sensei George Donahue (Matsubayashi-ryu)
    -Sensei Jeremy Hrbek (Judo)
    -Master Wally Jay (Small Circle Jujutsu)
    -Nidai Soke  Okiyama (Hakkoryu Jujutsu)
    -Erle Montaigue (Tai Ji and Baguazhang)
    -Master Zenpo Shimabukuro (Seibukan Shorin-ryu)
    -Kyoshi Dan Smith (Seibukan Shorin-ryu)
    -Sifu Scott Rodell (Tai Ji and Chinese Swordsmanship)
    -Shihan Doctor Brian Brown (Aikido)
    -Sensei Kenji Tanaka (Tomiki Aikido)
    -Take Steven Seagal (Aikido)

Kyoshi Donahue is a certified practioner of Koho Shiatsu (acupressure) and has provided treatments in several locations all around Vermont, New Hampshire and Massachusetts. He continues to teach and study the healing arts as part of his Budo. Kyoshi Donahue also practices and teaches Zen meditation and Eastern philosophy. In addition to this work, Kyoshi Donahue has taught Non-Violent Crisis Intervention to private group homes and other psychiatric residential care facilities. He worked at one of the largest psychiatric hospitals in the U.S. doing mental health work and crisis intervention for over six years. Kyoshi Donahue has taught Budo (as a fully accredited course) at Mariboro College, a well known liberal arts institution in Mariboro, Vermont, and has run countless programs at various elementary and high schools in the region.

Kyoshi Donahue is the co-owner of Tri-State Firearms LLC, with a full time store in New Hampshire and a smaller one in Vermont. Tri-State Firarms supplies police and civilians with the highest quality firearms and self-denense goods and all related equipment. Tri-State Firearms also conducts various NRA Certified safety courses. Tri-State Firearms has an indoor 25 yards shooting range for both pistol and rifle use as well as a 30-yard indoor Archery range. Kyoshi Donahue is a certified instructor of Home Firearm Safety and Basic Pistol Training, along with Tri-State Firearms co-owner Sensei Eric White.

Kyoshi Donahue has branch dojos in:

    -Hinsdale NH, head instructor Sensei Eric White (603) 336-6940

    -Bellows Falls, VT, head isntructor Sensei Stician Samples (802) 380-8391

    -Charlottesville, VA, head instructor Jennifer McClearen (434) 970-3260

Certifications and Achievements earned by Kyoshi Donahue:

-Okinawan Shorin Ryu Karate-Do (Kiyatake-Ha, Chubukan) Nanadan, Seventh Degree Black Belt
-Okinawawan Goju-ryu Karate-Do Yondan, Fourth Degree Black Belt
-Japanese Aiki Budo, Sandan, Third Degree Black Belt
-Japanese Aikido (Tomiki) Sandan, Third Degree Black Belt
-Okinawan Kobudo (weapons) (Ryu Kyu) San Dan, Third Degree Black Belt
-Japanese Jujutsu (Hakkoryu) Shodan, First Degree Black Belt
-Federal Firearms Holder for the State of Vermont
-Federal Firearms Holder for the State of New Hampshire
-NRA certified Basic Pistol Instructor
-NRA certified Home Safety Firearms Instructor
-NRA certified Range Security Officer
-NRA Range Development and Operations certification
-1 of 21 most influental people of Windham County, VT, 2005 (Brattleboro Reformer, October, 28, 2005)
-Martial Arts Hall of Fame Master Instructor of the Year 2001
-Martial Arts Hall of Fame Master Shorin Ryu, Instructor of the year 2007
-Certified 1992 1st level Koho Shiatsu
-Cerified 1998 2nd level Koho Shiatsu
-First aid and CPR Red Cross and American Heart Association
-1 of 4 judges for the Chinese Traditional Sword International Tournament 2009
-Head Judge at the 2010 Chinese Traditional Sword Tournaments in Washington, DC
-Facilitator and Recipient of Azem's Personal Protection/ Body Guard 4-part course work
-Hakkoryu Ju Jutsu Gasshuku completed certificate in Omiya Japan the first Gasshuku in Japan 1993
-Multiple completions of Hakkoryuo Gasshukus Denver, CO, 1992-2003
-Multiple completions of CPI course work (Crisis Prevention Institute, Inc. 1996-2001)
-Facilitator of the New England Budo Fest for 9 years.

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