The International Combat Systema Association


The International Combat Systema Association is proud to announce the addition of our Austin, Texas branch. Director Herb Martin is a pragmatic, introspective and scientific practitioner. In addition to his Combat Systema experience, Herb is an AMOK! Trainer under Tom Sotis. He has two years of Ryabko Systema, and has studied Brazilian Jiu-Jutsu, Aikido, Kuntao Silat, Wrestling, Tae Kwon Do, Combat Tai Chi, Guided Chaos, and Boxing. Herb first began studying karate at age 16 and recently first began Boxing at age 57. Herb is also an NRA Master Handgunner and instructor in firearms safety and basic defensive pistol, as well as teaching courses on Avoiding Criminal Attacks.

He is an advanced practitioner and trainer of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, as well as a specialist in accelerated learning. Herb uses accelerated learning techniques to teach advanced computer networking and security, and was formerly an Instructor at the University of Texas, McComb School of Business in Austin, as well as a Principle Consultant with Microsoft Corporation.

For a truly unique experience in Combat Systema, please contact Austin Combatives (in the Twisted-A-Fitness Gym):
(512) 761 5412

Classes are held:

Mon-6:30 pm, Wed-6:30 pm, Sat 9 am (private sessions by appointment)

Always free to start, then $40/month