Combat Systema is a scientific approach to the resolution of violence. We integrate a biomechanical understanding of movement to lead students to a greater state of efficiency in their daily lives and dissect aggression down to its psychological essence so that practitioners can identify the threat of aggression sooner, tactically avoid it whenever possible, de-escalate it when necessary and survive it physically when no other options exist. Our logo represents the fires of pressure testing--the forge in which we constantly hammer out our fears, improve our physical and psychological being and refine our skills.

Combat Systema is principle-based, but not at the exclusion of technique. Various instructors will interpret the key concepts according to their understanding, often integrating their previous experience into a customized approach. The Montreal Head Quarters and many affiliates employ a base curriculum that is divided into 6 practitioner levels. Ranking is used solely to guide students to the fullest and most balanced possible understanding of their own training, by allowing them to more easily gauge, measure and fill gaps in their knowledge. If you can measure it, you can manage it. Students are freely exposed to all levels of knowledge at all times, using a variety of learning modalities. There are no secrets--just good mechanics and instruction. Students with previous experience are encouraged to integrate their existing skill sets and cross-training in other styles is always welcomed. Beginners are provided with a comprehensive curriculum regardless of their age, skill level or physical capacities. All students are welcome regardless of race, color, gender, creed, religion, sexual orientation, national origin or ethnicity.

For those interested in becoming certified instructors, the 6 practitioner levels are used to both measure their own skill levels and better guide their students. The 6 practitioner levels are also complemented by the Instructor Requirements which are the attributes we are looking for in our affiliates.

We offer a hyper-accelerated learning model based on modern research and proven educational principles. Founder and director Kevin Secours is a professional educator with over 15 years of corporate and private training experience and 32 years in the martial arts and defensive tactics industries. We are committed to making you as good as you can be as quickly as possible. You just need to get here and we'll handle the rest.

We offer a concise step-by-step curriculum with simple, life-changing principles that give you an open framework to explore, as well as the motivation of short-term goals and easy and obvious measurements of your progress. Full certification is available by individual subject or as a whole.

We offer unparalleled support to affiliate instructors, including a detailed curriculum, online learning, teaching guidelines, a members only resource library, as well as continuous support and access to a host of world class resources. There are no membership or federation costs, no start-up expenses and no hidden fees--only the genuine pursuit of knowledge and truth through training. 

"A gem cannot be polished without friction, nor a man perfected without trials." -- Seneca

A proud division of Integrated Fighting Systems

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