The International Combat Systema Association


Offering an integrated approach based on Alex Kostic's Homo Ludens System and Combat Systema, Systema ATIMA offers a uniquely open-minded, spirited, and eclectic treatment of the exploration of movement, personal freedom and combat effectiveness. Head Instructor Alexander Groger is a world class instructor who is dedicated to helping students discover their fullest personal potential in a safe, intelligent and caring environment.

Director Alexander Groger holds a first Dan in Tae Kwon Do. He trained under Master Cho Henry Sihak, NY. USA (1989-1990),under Master Ko Eu Min in Munich (1991-1993) and under Master Wang of West Side TKD, NY U.S.A. (1993-1994) during which time he volunteered to help teach children in a neighborhood project, led by a Vietnam vet and friend, Jose H. Hernandez, in Sunset Park, Brooklyn, NY.

In addition, Alexander also trained Wing Chun from 1995-2010, and was awared the title of Sifu in 2004. He has cross trained in Escrima and worked full time as a martial arts teacher since 2000, having opened ASIA TRAINING in 2004 and having founded Systema ATIMA in 2010, which currently boast 80 adult members and 130 children.

Alexander leads Combat Systema training for all of Germany and carries my highest possible endorsement for his creativity, passion, dedication and ethical approach to martial training.

For more information about Systema ATIMA, please visit their web site here.