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Tuesday November 7-Friday November 10, 2017

*Only 12 spots available.

This intimate training camp will provide an intensive overview of ground fighting from a variety of perspectives. No previous experience is necessary.

Explore a total perspective of the ground from sport

to the street:

DAY 1--FLOWING UNDER STRESS: Russian Systema is

renown for its detailed scientific breakdown of mobility

and combat mechanics. On Day 1, we will begin with a

study of ground mobility, taking you through a tour of

the basics with a fresh perspective, as well as a sample

 intermediate and advanced concepts, while progressively  

adding environmental interference and opponent



Day 2 will highlight the importance of escaping from

some of the worst positions you can find yourself in on

the ground. Focus will be placed on providing universal

principles, a specific progression of technique and

constantly adding ​elements of resistance and stress to

deeply inoculate the practitioners to achieve peak

performance in minimal ​time.


Day 3 will lead the students through a flow set of ground

submissions, pins and locks, to teach them a variety of

​tools to maintain control, overcome resistance, and

​dominate from key positions. Many approaches rely

​on rote memorization and simple repetition to ingrain

​an understanding of the complexity of locks, but this

​often alienates many practitioners from understanding

​the technique and can overlook subtle details. Instead,

​students will actively explore the body, to understand

and apply biomechanical principles and then be led

​through a study of how these can apply to  locks.

​Through the steady addition of resistance, students

will learn how to overcome defense and flow into

​alternate options.
, ​

The last day will address one of the worst situations

you can face--an armed attacker when you are on

the ground. Focus will be placed on surviving the initial

onslaught, recovering to a standing position and  fleeing 

as soon as possible or finishing with resolute intention

when necessary.
This camp is a perfect introduction for the ground fighting novice but is also equally suitable as an alternate perspective on ground survival for those more familiar with sportive interpretations. Our goal for this week is to give every practitioner detailed, personal and customized attention to help them achieve their peak performance.

As with all camps, you are welcome to come early or stay a little longer to get in extra training at the club. If you have absolutely any questions, drop me a line at

I hope to see you there.

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